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The A-Z Aircraft Maintenance Software Solution


A proper aircraft maintenance system will consist of Hardware (server), operating system and licensing for users and then the actual software.

It has been proven over and over that the harmonization of these factors can be both tedious and frustrating, therefore we provide the A-Z solution, you log into your dedicated server and start working, technical implementation is left to us.

Many firms prefer all of their aircraft maintenance software/data to be stationed in house, for those we provide automatic FTP upload of complete working environment to Airsoft’s FTP site (where the customer can download their own environment at any time) or any FTP location preferred by the customer.

Hosted Aviation Maintenance Management – Aircraft Maintenance Software, Application Service Provider (ASP)

2Do you need a new aircraft maintenance, engineering and material management solution that returns your investment ASAP with a limited investment budget?

Airsoft A-Z Aircraft Maintenance ASP solution enables our clients to quickly deploy enterprise-class aircraft maintenance applications without the associated cost and burden of owning, managing or supporting the applications or the underlying technical infrastructure.

Application service providers (ASPs) can deliver applications and expertise to emerging businesses that were once available only to Fortune 500 companies.

Run your applications from anywhere and operate from multiple offices -regardless of location. If you can access the Internet, you can access your network, your applications and your data.

Employees and users have secure access whenever they are working and wherever they are located – home, work, another location.

Airsoft manages and hosts the aircraft maintenance systems, leaving you free of system maintenance cost and responsibility. Eliminate the hassle of planning and upgrading hardware, installing applications, managing servers and repairing workstations. Airsoft takes care of the hosting and maintenance, and your company saves the additional cost and hassle of maintaining in-house IT staff or dedicated computer consultants.

We use ultra high performance servers with continuous mirroring.

Data backups are sadly to say very improperly managed in many firms , all to many disaster stories verify this, we take the guesswork out of this which consists of multiple location daily backups stored for 30 days , weekly backups stored for a year.

This arrangement can also save considerable money on the users end , since the users computer is no more than a terminal , and its performance requirements are simply not as critical as if running a local service.

If you do not have extensive in house IT department with extensive know how in Terminal servers our A-Z services will always be less bothersome and less expensive than establishing you own environment. You have the choice of using our hosted application or buy the software and run it in your own server.

Invent (Aircraft inventory)

The definition

1Aircraft inventory hereafter referred to as INVENT is a collection of events related to a specific aircraft. These events can be life limited components, inspections, AD notes ETC ETC eventually this will include a great variety of records calling for different needs in handling, From either here the Task cards are created or from the forecasts which in turn of course are created from here, either way you prefer.

The screen

The blue boxed entry items towards top of browse window are filtering entries any part of the corresponding field value will be filtered in this filtering will be effective in both blue boxed reports to the right and middle of screen.

If you type ” PUMP ” in the descr. Box and press refresh you could be displaying something like the following:


A quicker way to locate records is to use the 6 available indexes default is the work cont(ATA) with that button dimmed(effective) if you type for example “72” you got instantly to the nearest match of 72 , if you press the sort description button and type “pump” you have enabled the sort sequence by description and go to the nearest match of “pump” this way of locating records will be instantaneous with any amount of records.

The Normal display of one aircraft at the time is overridden if you press one of the two small buttons marked as “P” and “S” the buttons activate a sort sequence of part – serial number respectively regardless of aircraft this comes in handy when you want to see a specific part or serial number altogether regardless of its location.

The task ID entry and button towards top left-center of window will instantly locate a record based on its “ID number” the ID number is a unique number (starting from 1 and auto incrementing) assigned to each record , this number is clearly listed on any task card created from each invent record, when the issued task card has been complied with and its parent invent record needs to be updated accordingly the only thing that needs to be done is to type this number in the task entry press the button if that number exists the record will be found this will of course then automatically switch to the aircraft this record belongs to, if anybody likes we can easily do this by barcode.

To the right of the Task ID are three entry areas these are to manually enter correct total time / cycles or if one wants to enter artificial time/cycles for whatever reason, these are normally dimmed but can be activated by the H-C-D button on the right.

Further to the right is the marking feature if you want a selection of record that can not be handled by filters then just mark what you want and then print the selected items. All markings will be cleared when leaving the browse.

Skip preview will print without showing a print preview.

Print this record will print the highlighted record only. Will pick proper report form depending on nature If AD or SB or HT OC.

The two blue boxed reports below are the two types of standard reports , choose which one you want to use.

Open tasks this Aircraft button will open up the Task browse and display only open tasks for the aircraft you have selected.

The edit Task record / card is to go directly to a existing Task record and edit it The Make Task record / card creates new Task record / card from Invent record , if the Invent record is properly entered this is nothing but the press of the button since all necessary information for the card should be already in the invent record.

On the browse box itself when Work content number is colored red it indicates that this is a record that needs further attention , if its green it means this invent record has a open task on it.

In the description column you will always be informed when a record is either a parent or child record whenever such records are highlighted the lower left corner show parent & child buttons will be enabled and dimmed in accordance.

The browse can then be scrolled to the right to display most all other information. The Insert new – change – delete buttons are to called the record update form with its marked functions.

The More button call the Invent utility Exporting Aircraft – importing Aircraft This utility is used when a aircraft is having major inspections or work done at remote locations and its records being update at that remote location.

At time of completion the records will be imported (typically from a laptop computer to you main database) while away the specific aircraft is locked for any changes at home base.

We all have seen the amounts of paperwork created during major work , and therefore realize the importance of registering all information as soon as possible after work being done.

All the way to the right just under browse box itself is a button when pressed opens up a entry area for any remarks you would like to include in the header of your report , very useful.

The history buttons at the lower right corner will bring up a window where the values from the highlighted record are displayed you can either accept these values and get the respective history or request a different part or serial number.

Change comply calls for the compliance form is the form for actual compliance of invent item , if any open task belong to this record they will be closed automatically.

There is an advanced search function that allows you to search on any kind of data like part numbers designations etc and part of such data units.

A unique feature is that every serialized item that is added to the database gets a separate identification number that accompanies that item through its life time. Thus, when necessary, it is possible to change part number etc without having to re-identify the item.

AIRSOFT can manage assemblies in assemblies (assembly/subassembly/unit).

For trace ability all changes of components can be viewed in an historic record.

Warnings of approaching maintenance actions will appear on pre-set (at your choice) times prior to due time.

Been off a few days ? , one click of a button and you scroll through maintenance forecasts for all aircraft , anything due highlighted red , anything having a Task card issued colored green , a instant overview for prioritization of your workforce.

There is a staff section intended for information on staff members’ current status , medicals , passports , Printing ID cards ETC.

A lot of thinking has also been used on security as it is necessary to safeguard data integrity in a system that handles sensitive maintenance data related to flight safety. AIRSOFT thus has a security function and a login control. There are currently two security levels defining the user authority applicable to each section of the system I.E. you may have Advanced level to the flight log but none at all to the staff information and then “view only” access to technical records.

There is a big, if not to say infinite, degree of freedom in choosing the layout of lists and forms that you would like to print. We would be happy to assist you in fulfilling your needs and wishes.

Import / export of data from other computerized maintenance management systems will be supported as much as possible. Thereby the transfer of aircraft between operators will be easier and safer.

Full import and processing compatibility with Boeing MPD data , a absolute revolution in work card generation.

Forecast entry window

As soon as a aircraft has been established all its flight info last 12 months will be displayed on screen you can select any of these values for a basis for forecast , average last 12 months will be selected by default.

The actual forecast will give you a instant overview of aircraft status.
If overdue the record is colored RED.
Records colored green indicate a existing non complied with Task card for this item.

Work cards / Defects

Generated from either tech records, maintenance or flight log Easily manageable with a instant visibility on all open items deliver JPG images of cards by E-mail directly one by one or a selection at the time. A record will remain colored red until complied with , this will insure instant visibility of all pending items.

Work cards / Defects Update window

The update window allows for all pertaining information entry.

Generation of task cards can be done electronically from Boeing data , these are done by a linking method so cards will always be created with latest revisions effective.

Parts main browser

Goods received main entry window

Receive the part or parts close the purchase order establish the stock item Print bar coded labels and JAA one form.

Further you can select a pre-existing part in parts inventory to maintain its roteable history.

Goods received history window

Form One


Material Pull

Step one Select the part to pull

Step two – Select type of action

End of material pull

Material request main browse

Create Material request – Press a button send a quote for this request to all vendors that your system has listed as handling the aircraft in question , pick out the best offer and create a Purchase order.

All so marked will be notified (pinged) when a new material request is created. if desired the auto quote feature can be used , which sends a E-mail quote to all vendors listed as handlers of the Aircraft that material request belongs to minimizing delay in the parts process.

For easy separation the unread material requests are colored red , when you have read them they revert to the normal color , all closed requests will turn dull gray , still there for later comparisons but not in the way.

Flight Log

Will enable gathering of all flight information data and generate just about any related reports needed including ready made standard annual ICAO reports etc etc – Press a button flight – blx – duty info for everybody in any listed capacity on a aircraft for a specified period. All possible entry and flight log error checking fuel consumption versus speed flight time versus distance calculated from the included airport database compatible with 3 letter / 4 letter or mixture of both airport Id’s.

Sector Info


  1. Fuel consumption suspicious based on AIRCRAFT AVERAGE issues a warning (system setup item)
  2. If the sector you just entered is DATED / TIMED before the Sector that the system show as the last flown sector this aircraft issues a warning
  3. If flight block time goes over 18 hrs no-go
  4. IF Blx off date time is later than take off time also blx on vs. landing no-go
  5. No blx time or no flt time no-go
  6. No departing or arriving fuel system setup dependent Arriving fuel higher than Departing no-go
  7. Departing or arriving airport not found no-go
  8. Scheduled or non scheduled flight no-go
  9. Type of flight no-go
  10. Pilot – copilot no-go
  11. No of PAX higher than Aircraft maximum no of passengers – warning only.


Independent crew members or a combination of crew

Staff records

Print Pictured ID cards or independent Passport or ID size Photos , print mailing labels.

Keep track of staff training how much spent on each employee time in training etc.

Reminders for all licenses medicals passports etc E-mail directly the approaching due items

Hardware requirements

Video resolution: 1124×768 pixels minimum

Single user
Win 2000 , Win XP , Win 2003

Multi users
Win 2003 terminal server